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Thread: Soft Copies / Second hand books needed (TYBCOM)

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    Default Soft Copies / Second hand books needed (TYBCOM)

    HI Guys,
    I have to appear for T Y BCOM exams in March 2010 (3 subjects - Business Economics + MHRD + Transport Management).
    I'm not in India and unable to get the books & question papers.
    I need soft copies or/and second hand books of above subjects (current curriculum). If you have the books, lecture notes, question papers etc and willing to sell them, you could reply here ...
    and we can communicate ahead
    Especially I need Transport Management question papers, since they are not available online.
    I also need to know when is the last day to collect and submit the exam application form.
    Even if you have books of any 1 of the above subjects to sell then pls do not hesitate.
    Hope to get some help soon!
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    If any of your relative or friends are here .. you can ask thm to buy and send you .. for papers .. you will find on University Papers section on our home page ...
    All The Best

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