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Thread: TYBcom March 2012 Examination Details

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    Question TYBcom March 2012 Examination Details

    Hi members.

    I am willing to appear for TY in 2012 via IDOL. Apart from registration details and other procedures, one doubt is still prevalent and need your help with kind advise/suggestions for the same.

    I have finished college past 3 years and appearing via distance. My query is regarding :-

    1. NOC?? Is it mandatory to provide NOC from College to IDOL since after 3 years (finished college)??
    2. My college is quite adamant and has a poor student help services available so is there any thing else apart from NOC and LC which I need to bother college for my admission registration with IDOL???
    3. It would be kind enough if any one lists in short regarding details required for admission with IDOL for TYBcom registration


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    Yes NOC and LC are must if you are shifting from any other university/college to University,

    For other documents you dont have to worry, it will be written in the Admission Kit when you purchase from University for taking admission.
    All The Best

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