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Thread: tybcom exams.. 2012 kinda repeaters stuff..

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    Default tybcom exams.. 2012 kinda repeaters stuff..

    hello everyone ,

    I had applied for TYBCOM march 2011 i got all the books n ID CARD etc etc FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI.. later i decided to shift outside INDIA in novemeber decided will come back just for exams in march and then go back to Qatar.. but that could not happened because , i had started working and it was too early and could not leave ..! so i could not give my TYBCOM exams in march 2011..! now i again took admissions for TYBCOM march 2012... and now while filling the form there was somethin known as repeater.! Though i dint give exams dint studied..! m I considered as a repeater and ill i have to give a seperate exams or somethin..! i used the same ID CARD again for 2012 march admissions which i had got during 2011 admissions...! i dont kno that criteria please if some one can help me with it..! i saw the timetable for 2012 march and it says 11 to 1 for fresh candidates and 11 to 2 for repeaters etc in which group do i come ..! ???? and if im in the repeaters group is it dat ill have to face a difficult paper.. ? and ill my paper checking ill be hard .. ? is there any way i can get rid of dis..! ? ill i get different question paper totally ?

    please help thank you so much..!

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    Forget about question papers will be tough and they will check strictly and you will have to give difficult exam, nothing of that sort going to happen,

    About submitting in repeater of fresher criteria, please visit university and ask about it at the inquiry counter.
    All The Best

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    ohk thnkyou ill do dat...! n please Megha or any one in this dis forum...! can help me with any old question papers or importance it ill be a very big favour..! regarding :-
    business management
    business economics
    export marketing
    direct and indirect tax

    please please please thnkyu very much..!
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