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Thread: re-exam of tybcom

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    Default re-exam of tybcom

    i was failed in exam in the year 2010-11. but now i want re - exam of tybcom with revise i.e. 60-40 pattern. pls help me it is possible to me to get admission in my college or other college i.e night college for re-exam. pls guide me its urgent.

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    well few colleges does give ex students to sit from their college..but then you need to be a student like you were not having any atkt in fy and sy..i being from thakur college kandivali..was allowed to sit but i dint accepted as 60-40 format was not introduced..however news is being around that now there is again no 60-40 this year..and colleges have already started so you might be a bit late now..still you can ask in your college..!!

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